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A Short Profile of “Spondan” 1972
__ Mansur Ahmad Nipu
Founder of “Spondan Shilpi Goshti”

With a vision to uphold and popularize the culture, Bengali Music & folk songs of Bangladesh inside and outside the country, ‘Spondan’ Cultural Group has emerged in Bangladesh musical scenario on 17th January, 1972. Mansur Ahmad Nipu, Founder Secretary General of ‘Spondan’ founded the group. He has chosen the name Spondan and with this rhythmic name Spondan Shilpi Goshti started its musical journey since 1972. Prominent Pop star late Firoz Shai and Nasir Ahmed Apu was the Co-Founder of Spondan. Since inception till to date Apu is the Pop singer, lyrics writer, tuner and music composer of Spondan. In the very beginning of its musical journey, the luminous mind blowing musical performance of Spondan gradually rocked the whole nation after independence with the contribution of under-mentioned singers and musicians namely Late Firoz Shai, Nasir Ahmed Apu, Rina Ahmed, Ferdous Junior, Naseem, Jharna, Simon Gomez, Nazir Ahmed Tipu, Aftab Kamal, Shajahan, Seetera, Mahera, Parveen, Shaboti, Shaheen, Shafali, Parool, Beauty, Punni, Anjana, Nazneen, Mostaque, Larry ,Musa, Kamal, Happy Akhand, Habloo, Shahedul, Ferdous Wahed, Late Nayan, Roksana, Khalequzzaman, Irteza, Jerry, Jorgina, Merry, Fahim Hossain, Late Nazir Ahmed, Late Nowshad, Late Sheikh Kamal and so on. It was their collective efforts that had placed Spondan to the highest level of excellence in Bengali Pop music. Spondan is the pioneer for introducing Bengali Pop, Rock, Folk and folk-based spiritual songs with the synchronization of western musical instruments.


Spondan was the first musical group of Bangladesh to break away from the traditionalism in our music and provide nourishment for the flowering of what is now widely known as ‘Bengali Pop Music’. Its achievement has been possible because Spondan has harmonized as well as synchronized western musical instruments with Bengali Pop, Rock, and folk-based spiritual songs of Bangladesh without distortion of original tunes.


The original concept of harmonization including synchronization of western musical instruments with our folk songs without distortion of original tunes was at first given by Mansur Ahmed Nipu and he focused his theme and this new concept to the TV and print media by giving interviews during the year 1972 to 1975. The projection of this new concept was being implemented by late Pop singer Firoz Shai, Pop & Rock singer Nasir Ahmed Apu, Rina and other singers and musicians of Spondan. In this regard it is to be mentioned here that Nasir Ahmed Apu, Pop & Rock singer, lyrics writer, tuner and music composer was the key architect to synchronize and harmonize western musical instruments with his own written Bengali songs without distortion of original tunes. Apu has made outstanding contribution to Bengali pop songs prevailing in Bangladesh and abroad. Some of his immemorial songs are : Paglar mon Nachaiya pagli gaysay cholia, Amon Akta Ma Dena, O goria tui kothayrey, Rita jeyo Na Cholay, Sritiro shai pothey ajo, Shajiey gujiey de morey shajoni tora, Shai gelo elona firey kolshi kakhay nodir tirey, Prem jeno ek nirhara pakhi , Koigo amar Jhalmoti, Peep Peep Peep Moynar ma moynarey khojay, Ai Montarey dana melay diasi etc songs.


Spondan’s other most popular mind blowing songs with harmonization of western musical instruments are : Manush O Banaiya, Shader lao banailo morey boiragi, Montui Ceenlinarey, School khuilasay rey mowla, Baba Vandari line sara cholena relgari, Mon amar deho ghori, Ogo ogo nani, Degero vitorey, Aharey Khodar banda, Issaatey tomar goraila sangshar, Ekminiteyer Nai bhoroshja, etc songs popularized by Late Pop star Firoz Shai, Rina Ahmed, Ferdous Junior, Aftab Kamal, Ferdous Wahed and other singers and musicians of Spondan. All these songs have eternal impact. Through musical performance, Spondan had been expressing man’s eternal quest for love, life and its final departure from this visible world, souls journey from one world to another unknown world, happiness and sorrow, wishes and aspiration, the mystery evolved between the creator and creation, life’s unending frustration and other timeless thoughts in Bengali music.


Spondan has not only brought a revolution in Bengali Pop Music alone, for music is a mode of the expression of inner tunes of heart. It has directed its strategy to break the age old superstitions in our society. Spondan has always and shall continue to promote cultural harmony with other nations of the world through Bengali folk songs and Bengali Pop music.

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